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Savanah Raised Toilet Seat without lid. Different styles available: hight of 5, 10 or 15 cm with/without lid. Soft material, easy to install. Secure and comfortable.
Savanah raised toilet seat with lid. Avaiable in two sizes: 5 cm or 10 cm hight.
Curved transfert board - AA8835 - for changing positon, getting from one seat to another easily with/without assistance.

Handi-Reacher AA8054Y - multifunctional reacher with additional hook and magnet and very easy trigger system.
AA8042 Easireach II - excellent reacher with many advantages, i.e. clip to fix it to wheelchair or similar and magnet etc.
Pick-up Reacher; here with forearm-support and lock. For easy and comfortable use.

Bed leaver - simple mechanism - maximum help. Should be fixed with nylon straps - 16010.
Easyrail 16210 - simple but effective construction for getting in and out of bed. Has to be put between matress and bed-lattice.
Dressing stick with one hook - to simplify getting in and out of clothes. Easy to handle.

Shoehorn of chrome plated metal with plastic grip - A7152.
Stocking aid from terry towel material A7273. Very easy to handle.
Stocking aid Dorking AA4650 - inexpensive plastic device.

Plate surround Incurve AA5662Y - could be mounted to all plates from 19 to 25,4 cm diameter and helps to avoid spilling and assists with one-hand eating.

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